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ThanksGiving Phases with PEPCID COMPLETE®

This post is sponsored by IMODIUM®, PEPCID® and LACTAID® but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Happy Friday FABulites! It's the day after Thanksgiving and for some reason I kinda feel like I'm in an almost perfect dream. I got the next couple days off from work, the family is all doing well, and I have a fridge full of left overs, Dream Indeed! Today I'd like to take a little time to share with  you exactly what I experienced pre and post Thanksgiving and luckily for you I decided to take PEPCID® along for the ride.

I'm not exactly sure what it is about Thanksgiving but every year I find myself antsy with anticipation waiting on it to arrive. First Fall begins and puts you into the spirit of them. Then you begin to see all the beautiful decorations followed by tons of Pumpkin Spice recipes and then before you know it Twitter is all festive and up in arms as people begin sharing with each other what they're most looking forward to about Thanksgiving. For some its Family and for others its the food but no matter what your reasoning it, The days leading up to Thanksgiving are filled with anticipation and thanks to my friends at Walmart I know just how to prepare for it.

Stage Two-Thanksgiving is Upon us
OMG OMG I was so excited for Thanksgiving day that I actually woke up at 5:30 in the am, grabbed me a large cup of coffee, and immediately began decorating my place. Soon as the decorating was over I  had a one on one with just me and my oven. I started out mixing up my 2 sweet potatoes pies and gently placing them in the oven followed by my ham, Brussel sprouts mixed with purple potatoes and last but not least my world famous meat balls. The question the arose immediately following was would I be able to enjoy the Thanksgiving meal before me or would my digestive symptoms cause me to miss out on the holiday happiness? This my friends is where PEPCID® come in! With PEPCID®  you don’t have to choose between hurting now or hurting later. PEPCID COMPLETE® starts neutralizing acid in seconds and lasts all day or all night. It’s heartburn relief that’s fast & lasts, and that's  ThanksGiving friendly enough for the entire family. Shop all digestive health remedies at Walmart!

StageThree- The Day After
This is definitey the stage when things get real. Today I woke up again at 5:30 am but this time my reasoning was a little different. This time it was all about the leftovers, how early I should start consuming it, what should I eat first, and of course is my Pepcid Complete going to allow me to eat another day in joy and happiness. I'm happy to tell you we are currently going into the evening hours and I have at this point taken out 3 plates of leftovers with more in my very near future. I am so thankful to Pepcid Complete because without it I'm sure I'd have very little interest in this thing we call Thanksgiving and all the phases in between.

Thanks for allowing me to share with you my super fab Phases of Thanksgiving but before you go  grab yourself another plate make sure to  look in the Sunday newspaper on 11/6 for savings up to $3 off IMODIUM®, LACTAID® & PEPCID® and feel free to share in the comments below exactly how your prepare your Digestive track for the holidays. No matter how you go about doing it just know without a doubt you can always find what you need at your nearest Walmart!

Check out these Holiday Recipes and share How you prepare your digestive system for the Holidays?

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