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Faux Wrap Fit of the Day!

For quite some time I've had a pretty intense love hate relationship with wrap dresses. It's like sometimes they love me, sometimes they hate me, and sometimes the love is few and far in between. This Thanksgiving things definitely took a turn in the right direction as the faux wrap dress of my dreams made me a believer, Let's take a look!

Top knot, wrap, worthington dress

I really wasn't sure if this dress was for me or not when I first laid eyes on her in JCPenney's. I mean the color was great, the price was amazing, and I was loving the details in the front of the dress but for some reason I didn't decide to make her mine until the sales associate rung  the dress up by accident. Yep, after trying the dress on then deciding I could probably live without her I actually placed her in my return pile but apparently the dress Gods knew better.

Holiday Dresses, Fashion, Style

After hanging out in my closet for nearly a month I figured Thanksgiving was the perfect time to introduce her to those who mean the most to me. Afterall it was my favorite holiday of the year, I was hosting dinner at my place and No I don't want to Rock a Badass dress while enjoying all my favorite things said No One Ever!

One of the reasons I was on the fence about this dress was because I was unclear on what shoes would work best with her. In my head I thought I needed the perfect pair of metallic strappy heels to pull the look off. Turns out I was wrong. It was m olive peep toe booties that she wanted all along.


Once I decided on the dress and what shoes to wear with her it was now time to accessorize. Now if you're a follower of the Frugal Flirty N Fab then you already know I'm not a huge accessory fan but I do have a pretty mean earring game. As usual I wanted something big, bold, and something that could handle multiple hours of wear without irritating me and these silver stunners stepped up to the plate.

Last but not least it was time to get my hair in formation. I so in love with my tapered cut but I must admit trying to maintain my look without re-cutting it again has been a challenge. My goal is to eventually rock a longer tapered look but on an almost daily basis I'm tempted to hit up my nearest barber and get those edges dealt with. What do you think, cut it or grow it out and see what happens?

Welp FABulites, Now you know the whole drawn out history of how me and my faux wrap dress came to be. Sometimes even so called dress experts can turn a blind eye to fashion if they don't immediately see the fabness in the look but trust and be assured that a badass dress will always prevail.

Have you ever purchased a dress and failed to see awesomeness in it until much later or had an idea  in your head about the look you were going for with a certain item and then switched it all up and loved it? I guess that's what this thing called fashion that we love so much is all about!

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