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Must Have Little Black Dress!

Hey yall Hey !! As most of you already know I absolutely love my colorful outfits but man oh man is there power in the little black dress. I was reminded of this power the night I headed out to the Mazda Art Basel Event and let me just tell you I won't soon forget it!

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It was the day of the Mazda event and I had no idea what I was going to wear. I was working with a limited budget plus was shopping with my Toddler, BabyFab, in tow so I wasn't sure what I'd be able to find if anything. I pictured myself in a cute n casual black dress but I was definitely open to other options. I headed out to one of my current favorite shops Steps because I knew the selections were normally fab and I'd be able to find something on sale. Within 5 minutes of entering the location this black beauty jumped out at me and the rest was history. I immediately headed to the fitting room to see if the feelings were mutual and the was it hugged my every curve told me this was a definite YES! Five minutes In the store, with my two year old toddler, and I walked out with a Fab $10 dress just meant I'm as BBBAAAADDDD as I claim to be when it comes to finding dresses! YESSSSS! Dress Whisperer Strikes Again!

I rocked my Little Black Dress like it was nobody's business! At least in my head I did and that's all that really matters! Just like that my faith was  restored in the almighty Black Dress. You see it's not all about the brand name, where you purchased the dress or how expensive the dress is. It's simply about how that dress makes you feel when you enter the room. That's why today I'm bringing you my current Must Have little Black Dresses. Check them out and let me know which ones are topping your Must Have List?

Lost your faith a little in the Little Black Dress? When was the last time you owned the room wearing one?

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