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Art of Black Miami Pop Up Art Gallery!

Happy Monday Luvs! Hope everyone enjoyed a fantastic weekend! I am always trying to expose my boys to the arts as well as something new and Sunday afternoon that wanting led us to the Art of Black Miami Art Basel 'It Ain't Over" Pop Up Art Gallery and today I'm sharing our experience with all of you!

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The Art of Black Miami Pop UpArt Gallery was presented by One United Back and was held at the New Overtown Performing Arts Center (OPAC), in Overtown Florida. The event was free and open to the public and a great way to close out Art Basel with my boys. Allow me to share my favorite pieces with you.

The Get Away

This was one of the first looks that caught my eye as soon as we entered the gallery. It was the colors and the symbolizing of peddling away that first jumped out at me. My toddler was drawn to a man on a bike.

Music Past and Present

Does this even need an explanation? Both looks are symbolizing entertainment in both the old and new state. Music past and present.

Beautiful Black Woman

For me this portrait symbolized the ode to the Black Woman with a little BeyoncĂ© Lemonade twist! What do you see when you look at it?

Black Family

Such a beautiful portrayal of the Black Family. Strong, Caring, and so Full of Love!

Young Black Son

This was probably one of the most eye catching pieces on display. Here you have a young boy with a very powerful weapon. This immediately brought to mind the black on black crime happening in so many of our neighborhoods. the way America see's our young black men, as well as the all too common occurrence of black men being killed by police. Powerful Indeed!

Art Basel pop Up Gallery

Thanks so much for allowing me to share with you my Art of Black Miami Pop Up Gallery Review. Special thanks to One United Bank and all the talented artists that made this gallery possible. It was an afternoon of Fab Art Work, Great Music, Delicious Food, Beautiful Creative People and so much more. Special thanks to Bank One for presenting such a great popup and my friends at Circle of One Marketing who always keep me on top of things! For additional information please contact Circle of One Marketing at 305-576-3790 or email

Did you have the chance to get out and enjoy Art Basel? What were some of your favorite shows and pieces?

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