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Pretty in Pink Midi Dress Fit of the Day!

Hey yall Hey and Happy Hump Day! It's an 80+ degree day in my neighborhood and you can bet your bottom dollar that influenced my Fit of the Day! Can I just be honest with you all? It's only been 2 days since I started back working out, 2 days since I said goodbye to rice and bread, 2 days since I had my last Coca Cola and already look at me in these streets!

Pink Midi Dress

It was the perfect day for me to rise and get a good workout in but something else happened this morning that caused me to Rise and Slay! I've always heard if you want different results you gotta do things differently and for me that's what it was all about this morning!

Pink Midi dresses

I actually purchased this dress over the summer but for some strange reason I convinced myself that I had to wait on the perfect time to wear it. It'll be perfect after I lose 10lbs I told myself, It'll be perfect after I find matching shoes, It'll be perfect after I can confidently pull off the look. FABulites, the Perfect Time is Now!

Midi Dresses

Don't allow the things you want, the dreams you want to achieve, great opportunities to pass you by while waiting on the Perfect Time because that time is now. Today is the perfect day to dress up even if you have no where to go, the perfect time to encourage someone else even if you aren't encouraged, and thee most perfect time to believe like you have never believed before!


Thank you for allowing me to share my Pink Midi Dress Fit of the Day and my Beliefs with you! I am so humbled by those of you who show me so much love and encourage me in my endeavors and it makes me want to be a Better Me for you! Let's Be Better Together!

What  is it that you have you always put off doing in your past waiting on the Perfect Time but now see Today , Now, This Moment is the Perfect Time?

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