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Red Dress Fit of the Day!

I don't know exactly what it is that gives me my confidence but one things for sure, I've never been one to shy away from the fabness of a  Red Dress. You don't have to be attending a special event, You don't have to be a certain complexion, and You don't have to be some sex symbol rocking your bright red barely there attire and calling it a dress. All you need is a great Red Dress and the inner wisdom and attitude to pull it off!

Red has always been one of my favorite colors. I love the fact that it symbolizes confidence, strength, and power no matter the time or place.

What I don't like about the almighty Red Dress is that everyone thinks you have to wear it to a special place and at a special time. Rock your Red Dress whenever and wherever and always Rock it with Confidence.

I picked this dress up a couple years ago  from Ross and I still get butterflies almost every time I put it on. Didn't have anywhere specific to rock it but decided to Rock it none the less!

While this dress is several years old I absolutely adore the Top Knot which is currently on trend as well as the fact that the dress hangs off the shoulders. If I could change one thing bout the dress I'd give it a really sexy split in the front and maybe show you all a side of me you might not know exists!

Thanks for allowing me to share my Red Dress Fit of the Day with you. I really hope this post encourages you to step outside of the norm sometimes and if you have a dress, a pair of pants, a sock, whatever , and that items makes you feel at your best then wear it as often as possible and never look back!

When was the Last Time You rocked a Little Red Dress?

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