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Speak Positivity Into your Kids!

Parenting can be super difficult and you're never quite sure if you're doing it right but the one thing I know without a doubt is that as parents we must speak positivity into our kids. What they think is what they will become and it's just as simple as that!

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In the beginning of the school year my then 13 year old son came to me and said since it was his eight grade year and final year of middle school he wanted to participate in every sport offered at school. He also shared with me that it was his goal to lead his school basketball team to a middle school championship. My immediate thought was that's way too much for you to handle with homework and dealing with daily practices. Then I thought about it and I told him if it was something he really wanted to do he needed to not only make sure he gave his all in each and every sport but that if he was determined to do this I would support him as long as he maintained A's and B's on his report card and I watched as a sparkle appeared in his eyes.

Not only did my son make the A/B Honor roll for the first time in his middle school career but Today his team competes for the title of best Middle School Basketball  Team in Broward County. These young men have gone undefeated all season long and today a champion will be crowned. Monday night I actually had the chance to witness his positivity in action. It was half time of the second to last playoff game and my son's team was down 11-25 at halftime. By the time halftime was over and the third quarter rolled around it was like a different team took the  court. I asked what happened at half time to keep the guys focused and not give up on the game and he said Mom, "I went in the locker room and I told the guys we did not come this far to lose it all now". He told them that they were a great team and that no matter what they had each others back and that losing was not an option! He was right!  I am so proud of the young man my teen is becoming. I have witnessed him put his all into his school work, lead his team with words of encouragement and inspiration and not only think he can achieve whatever he puts his mind to, but Know he can!

Parents we must speak positivity into our kids no matter what society may tell them. For what they think is what they shall become. Encourage them, motivate them, inspire them to do all the things they want and then some. Think positive and positive things will happen!

Thanks for allowing me to share with you what the Power of Positive Parenting is doing for me in my house. I'll save what the positivity is doing for BabyFab for another time cause that's a different kind of story positive none the less! Haha! To learn more about how we kicked off the school year with positivity click here

Are you aware of the Power of Positivity? What are you doing to promote Positive Parenting and the Power of Positivity with your kids?

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