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Events, Fashion, and Family-Fab's Week in Review!

FABulites, Can I freely share with you that I'm having one of my Best Week's Ever? I mean it's in my nature to find the good in everything but being able to find such enjoyment doing the things I love and care about are simply amazing! Let me share with you why this week rocks!

Dresses/ Earrings/ Natural Hair/ Tapered Cut

As Mom's, or someone that works primarily from home sometimes doing so can cause you to let yourself go a little physically. I was feeling a little down about not working out all week when I got the urge to try something a little different with my hair and makeup. You'd be surprised how minor changes can help better your mood. I simply added 2 braids to the sides of my hair and tried out the Wet n Wild Spoiled Brat Eyeshadow palette and immediately you couldn't tell me nothing! Am I saying you should fix your hair and apply makeup to feel better about yourself, No, I am simply saying you control your happiness and are responsible for taking the necessary steps or actions to stay as happy and uplifted as possible.

Basketball/ Teens/ Community/

My son absolutely loves basketball and I can provide you with a million benefits  to him being able to do something he really loves. This week I had the pleasure of being attend  his game where his middle school had the pleasure of taking on our Local police department in a match. It was so inspiring seeing all the kids cheering on their school plus the laughs were non stop. I appreciate the message and sportsmanship displayed by the police department as well. This was a great community event and I for one look forward to more. P.S. , Driftwood Won!

BlogginMamas/ NissanSafety/ NissanDiversity/ CarSeats/

I had the pleasure of attending 3 really great events so far this week. The  first one was a Nissan Event where they gathered local Moms (Bloggin Mamas) to share with them Nissan current safety facts. We enjoyed a great meal at Chef Adrianne's Vineyard and Wine Bar, Got to test drive several Nissan cars and trucks and also learned and shared valuable lessons with our readers such as Kids are 12x's more distracting to the driver than talking on a cell phone while at the wheel. It was a great and informative event and I'm pretty sure you're going to see a Nissan Rogue in my near future.

VW/ Microbus/ Automobile

My second event of the week was a great dinner sponsored by Volkswagen where they introduced us to the brand new VW I.D. Buzz electric Microbus. It was a fresh take on the iconic VW Bus and is considered the future of electric mobility.  Its actually a couple years away from being released but man oh man this mini glimpse into the future was amazing. The event was held at the Rubell Family Collection where we were also able to enjoy a tour of the art gallery and feast on the most fabulous dinner and conversation. Thanks VW!

Alcohol/ CrownRoyalVanilla/ Events/ SouthFlorida

My third and final event of the week was sponsored by Crown Royal at Lilt Lounge in Miami  where we were  introduced us to the brand new flavor, Crown Royal Vanilla. As you can probably tell from this pic it was a very sexy and intimate night of good food, fab company, and the amazing new Crown Royal Vanilla. I learned a lot about Crown  Royal, got some instructions on how to make drinks such as the Vanilla sparkler, and The Missing Jewel and also won n amazing gift bag for having one of the best social media pictures and postings from the event. I was a happy camper indeed! Make sure you give it a try when you can and take it from me you're gonna love it.

And that my dear friends sums up this week for me in a nutshell. I thought about taking you on a trip down memory lane with my New Edition updates but decided to save that one for another time and place. If you were able to catch the 3 day mini series on BET then you know exactly what I mean. FABULOUS! Also my toddler participated in hours of fun and playing with other kids while not being latched to my ankle, Winning Week Indeed!

Have you attended any great events, learned any great lessons, or accomplished something really special this week? If so I'd love for you to share it with the Frugal Flirty N Fab! Thanks and enjoy!

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