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Fab's Must Have Floral Pieces!

I love florals, and from what I can tell by reminiscing through a couple of my fashion shots the feeling is mutual. It's definitely one of my most treasured prints and I believe it's because there are  just so many options when it comes to wearing them not to mention they always seem to fit perfectly into my Frugal Flirty N Fab budget! Long Live Floral Fabness!

Floral Pants/ Floral Dresses/ Floral Fashions

This time of year is always so special for me, and my obsession with all things floral has a lot to do with it. To show you just how real my floral affair is I thought today would be the most perfect time to share with you my Current Must Have Floral Finds, Let's take a look!

*Click on arrow on the right to see the entire collection*

So right now I am head over heels in love with the floral 2 piece look. I like the ones that are a little more structured all the way down to the ones that are reminiscent of the pajama set and have included several in my Must Have Looks. On those days when  you're really feeling bold and want to take a little walk on the wildside do yourselves a favor and proudly mix your floral prints, Badass! Doesn't matter if you're wearing florals from head to toe or are just wearing a single floral piece just make sure you wear them with pride and confidence and repeat this step as often as possible.

Are you obsessed with Florals? Which of my pieces are topping your Current Must Have List?

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