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Monday Madness, Goal Setting, and Fit of the Day!

And just like that it's Monday again! Mondays have changed quite a bit for me since parting ways with my 9-5. Normally I'd be waking up today dreading heading to the office but instead I'm happy to get up as early as possible and get a jump start on my day. It's not easy trying to build my brand while also being a stay at home Mom but what I can say is that it's beyond rewarding! Let's take a look at what I'm wearing to jumpstart my week.

Olive Jumpsuit

 Although I'm working from home I still very much believe in getting up and getting dressed as thought I was heading out to the 9-5. Maybe it's just a force of habit but if it helps me have a productive day then why not?

Olive clothing

I picked up this super cute Charlotte Ronson jumpsuit from JCPenneys almost a year ago and who knew then that I'd be completely obsessed with all things Olive at this point. This jumpsuit is absolutely perfect for kicking your Monday off with a bang. This jumpsuit can be worn to the office if you work in a business casual atmosphere as well as to a great business luncheon if you just need to talk a little shop. For all my super busy Mom's on the go this jumpsuit can easily take you from a day at the museum to a great lunch with your favorite little person.

Bold Color Choices 

Now that we've discussed how this Monday Fit of the Day came about and how it brightens my day let's take it a step further and discuss some of this weeks goals. In my 5 Healthy Habits for an Eventful 2017 Video I discussed why it was important to incorporate  and accomplish weekly goals as part of your weekly routine and Hopefully leading up to a larger end of the month goal. This week I hope to begin working on a few new campaigns, workout at least 4x's for the week, continue reducing my carb intake while increasing my vegetable intake, workout a doable schedule for BabyFab in hopes of incorporating some time management skills, and last but not least make sure I provide you all with at least 4 great Frugal Flirty N Fab postings. Goals Anyone?

I'm also interested in trying out some new poses and stands in my Fit of the Day postings. I'm not used to doing too many side profile shots but  this picture has me thinking maybe it's something I should do more of. As a powerful business woman you should always be on the look out for ways to grow and increase your brand. Since I've started devoting more time and making more of an effort when it comes to building my brand  the new growth is amazing and it's definitely something I can't wait to see more of and of course share it with all of you.

Thanks for stopping by to get a glimpse into my Monday Madness, Goal Settings and Fit of the Day. No matter How you come across it, Hard work pays off so join me as I work hard  with my Goal Setting, Fit of the Day, Brand Building and wait for my ship to come sailing on in!

What are you wearing for your Monday Madness Fit of the Day and have you successfully set your Goals for the week?

Jumpsuit JCPenney's, Similar here and here/Shoes Old Similar here 

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