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Rebirth of the Frugal Flirty N Fab!

FABulites, For years I have ran from change. Ran from the Fear of  having to step out of my shell, fear of what others may say and think, fear of not being as great as I profess to be and running from the fear of living the life I deserve,  but let me just tell you that was the old me! My friend in my head, Tony Robbins said it best when he said, "Change is Inevitable but Progress is optional"! 

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For the past 10 years of my life I committed myself to a job that was completely unfulfilling, a Blog that was at times Lackluster , and a way of living that allowed me to just get by. I was a walking promotion of Motivation and Inspiration for others yet I failed at seeing my own greatness. That was until recently!

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The rebirth began happening very naturally with a new haircut. No longer was I able to hide behind my big natural puff. Unknowingly it had become a major part of my comfort zone allowing me to be OK with being mediocre instead of allowing me to find my way and standout in the crowd. It was safe until it was no longer and so the adventure began.

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The second stage of my rebirth happened when I decided to change my surroundings. Have you ever not done something for so long and then when you make your mind up to finally do it everything about the experience has changed. For years I accepted living in a home that did nothing for me mentally. I was not encouraged about living there, it gave me none of what I wanted, and for years on end I sat back and talked about changing the situation but because I was yet again oh so comfortable I did nothing! That was until recently. One day out of the blue I decided I deserved to live in a home that gave me all the simple pleasures I wanted for myself, a place that my kids could enjoy and grow and simply put surroundings that not only inspired me but those around me and less than 17 days later there I was moving into my new home!


The final step in my rebirth process was probably the most difficult.. I was at my 9-5 of the past 10 years sitting at my desk when my Boss asked me if he could speak with me. He then went on to tell me the company that I'd planned on leaving unsuccessfully for the last past 7 or8 years was going out of business and no longer required my services. I don't know what it was that came over me but for the first time in many years I felt free! Free to finally go after my passion 100%,  Free to make my own rules, Free to Go Get It!

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It's now been a little over 6 weeks since the rebirthing began and I couldn't be happier. I took all the inspiration and motivation I constantly poured into others and poured into myself and the results have been amazing! I am able to spend more time with my kids, my brand is growing stronger daily and now I'm able to see opportunities that for some reason were once hidden to me. For the first tine the possibilities are endless and to think, I owe it all to the rebirth!

Thank you for allowing me to share my story with you today and trust me when I tell you this is just the beginning!  Be on the look out for my new business ventures and all the things I've always wanted to do with the Frugal Flirty N Fab but never before had the nerve. This is just the beginning! Make sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for personal looks into my rebirthing that will  hopefully inspire a rebirthing of your very own!

Have you experienced a Rebirthing?

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