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Ross Dress for Less Meets Jazz in the Gardens!

FABulites,  Sometimes it can be a little stressful being a busy Mom, Wife, Taxi, Influencer, Brand Building Fashionista on  the go. The trick to pulling it all off successfully and Looking fly when  doing so is knowing exactly when to lean on your friends from places like Ross Dress for Less!

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Last weekend I had a major event going on and instead of getting all stressed out about what to wear and staying within my budget I did what any Frugal Flirty N Fab fashion lover would do and I headed out to my nearest Ross Store to get right! I was in the store for less than 10 minutes when this sassy little number jumped out at me. In an almost instant I knew this would be the perfect dress to rock to the Jazz in the Gardens Media conference just a couple days away and that's exactly what I did!

I was able to walk into that press conference looking good, feeling good, and ready to take on the day. Thanks Ross and my Pockets Thank you too! Can you believe I paid only $15 for this little number? I can't even begin to tell you the amount of people that asked me about my dress at the conference. That's when you know you're looking good.

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I rocked my 2nd Ross dress Day 2 of the music festival. I knew without  a doubt I wanted to wear something that was comfy, cute, sandal appropriate and most of all something that was budget friendly. This off the shoulder stripped dress did the trick. I was able to take my performer pics without restriction and even had room to enjoy a pineapple conch ball and drink in this trendy number. Don't act like you don't make sure you can eat an excessive amount without looking 9 months preggo when picking out dresses! Anyways once again Ross did the job! This little number cost me a cute $12 and with prices like this I'm definitely looking forward to my next Music Festival!

Thanks for allowing me to share with you how I rocked Jazz in the Gardens with 2 of my favorite Ross Dress for Less Looks. Have you ever rocked  a Ross outfit at a Music Conference? How did your look turn out?

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