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Birthday Loving Fit of the Day!

Hey yall Hey and Happy Monday! First off let me take this time to thank everyone for the Birthday Wishes! I enjoyed my day doing a little shopping, working on my blog, and enjoying a great dinner with my family and friends. It was a really great day and made even better with my B Day
Floral Flow Fit of the Day, Let's take a look!

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Up until things got super busy last week with Hispanicize and some other assignments I covered I'd planned on getting all dolled up for my birthday and even doing a photo shoot, That didn't happen and I'm not mad! Photo shoots are work, getting all dolled up is work, and after the work I'd already put in for the week I just didn't have it in me. That didn't stop me from getting my cute on though, Can't Stop Won't Stop!

Floral Dresses- shorts-spring looks- style

When the hubby told me we were going out for dinner I knew what I wanted to wear from jump. I'd been  obsessed with this 2 piece Floral Flow set since I laid eyes on it a couple weeks ago. I though it was perfect for the weather we were having (SouthFlorida), perfect to wear on my special day, and the perfect no fuss option I was looking for.


Because the Floral Features of this outfit are so fab this look required very little accessorizing. I completed the look by throwing on my favorite earrings, olive wedge sandals, and of course my signature pink pout and I was ready to celebrate. What do you think?

Dresses- sale- boutique sales chic

Thanks for allowing me to share with you my Birthday loving Fit of the Day! What did or are you wearing to celebrate your Birthday this year. Will you go all out and get glammed up, or keep it simple and cute? Inquiring minds wanna know!

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