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5 Reasons Every Mom Should Own a Floral Maxi Dress!

It's that age old problem. You know you have somewhere to go and you stand hopelessly looking into your closet and saying repeatedly over and over, "I have nothing to wear'! Today on the Frugal Flirty N Fab I aim to show you how and why a Floral Maxi dress can singlehandedly solve that problem! Let's jump right into my Top 5 reasons every Mom no matter size, shape, budget or age should own a Floral Maxi Dress!

1. Versatility- Gone are the days when I buy an outfit and plan to only wear it once. Nowadays my closet consists of pieces that can easily be worn to award ceremonies, drinks with the girls, date night, grocery shopping, errand running and more. I purchased this gorgeous ruffle dress and wore it  to the Hat's Off Luncheon I talked about here and my nephew's graduation ceremony this last past weekend. Next week I'll be wearing it with my head held high to my son's athletic banquet and who knows where to next!.

2. Easy Maintenance- Normally when I wear a dress it's damn near automatic that I throw on the uncomfortable yet effective shapewear, but when wearing the right type of floral maxi you can easily tell that shapewear to take a hike! Most floral patterns are very forgiving on the body and as long as it's not a bodycon maxi it's perfectly OK to let everything flow in the wind. As a matter of fact the times you find yourself wearing floral maxi are the perfect times to maybe be a little more daring. Try wearing a sheer one with a body suit or shorts attached underneath. Don't be afraid to release a little of your inner mommy slut. Thank me later!

3.Easy to Put on and Go-When looking for the perfect floral maxi dress keep in mind you are looking for something that's super easy to throw on and go. Those of you who have the pleasure of getting dress with a toddler in tow know exactly what I mean. On any given day I have all of about 5 minutes to get myself dressed. That by no means states I don't want to be cute! Look like you spent hours getting dress with the comforts of giving it 5, 10 minutes max! Depending on your particular Mom style you can easily dress this look up or down with the right shoes and accessories. Win Win all the way around!

4. Affordability- Floral maxi dresses can be found to fit any and every budget. At this current stage in my life I'm far more interested in saving for my children's college fund in the hopes that they won't have to take out student loans that they'll spend the next 50years of their lives repaying. I am the Queen of finding budget friendly fashions and if you ever need help with it simply shoot me an email! You will not spend your mortgage payment trying to look cute in a maxi! Not today Satan!

5. Self Esteem Boosters- Have you ever been out with your kids somewhere and they are 100 percent  put together and you look like you were just attacked by the family dog? A cute floral maxi will eliminate all that! Look cute, feel cute, and be cute at a moments notice. Who doesn't want to look like a Mom who has her ish together while at the grocery store?

Thanks for allowing me to share with you my Top 5 Reasons Every Mom should Own a Floral Maxi! Do you have a Floral Maxi you turn to in times of need? If not get one now!


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