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5 Things I'm Doing Differently to Conquer my Fitness Goals!

Hey yall Hey! It's been over a week since we last talked but I had to take some time and redefine my blogging goals and what I want from this experience. I want to be able to share my highs and lows with you, inspire you to want more and be the best you that you can be, and I want us to be able to grow and learn from our mistakes together. That's exactly why I wanted to share with you 5 things I'm doing differently this time around in search of conquering my fitness goals. I'll also be sharing a Coupon and Ibotta Rebate Offer from my friends at U by Kotex Fitness! Let's Begin!

It seems like I have been trying to lose these 20-25 lbs for the last 10 years and ever time I even begin to get close to achieving my goal something happens and I end up starting from scratch all over again. I am so tired of repeating the same old mistakes yet expecting different results.. That's why this time I've decided to take a different approach. I pretty much know what works and doesn't work for me so I'm going to try to do more of the good and way less of the bad. Let's get into my Top 5 Things I'm Doing Differently this time around!

1. Drink More Water- FABulites, i'm a Coke head and I think it's about time I admit it. Coca Cola that is. When i'm not slurping up Coke I have a mean fascination with Dunkin Doughnuts coffee. While I'm not going to pretend or force myself to give up either of them I will hold myself accountable to drinking way less of both. This also means increasing my daily water intake and hopefully lessening the urges to have the bad drinks.

2.Eat Healthier- Food is totally my kryptonite and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I have a love of food that far too few will really ever understand but I just love it. This time around instead of vowing to purge rice, bread, and other favorites from my life I have decided to just try to eat what I love in moderation. This also means having portion control, consuming my carbs earlier in the day and replacing at least one daily meal with a nice refreshing salad. Sounds totally doable right?

3.Weightlifting- I'm a runner by nature so naturally I just figured I could lose all the weight I wanted simply by spending an hour a day doing some type of cardio exercise. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong! I fought it off as long as I could but the truth of the matter is that if I plan on achieving my goals I am going to have to implement some type of weightlifting routine into my daily workouts. I was always afraid of bulking up too much when lifting weights but the truth is that lifting makes will make it 1ox's easier for me to get lean and lose weight. It's all very new to me but I'm definitely interested in seeing where this leads.

4.Keep it Cute-I'm not sure about you but knowing that I get to wear a really cute workout outfit to the gym is one helluva morning motivator. Truthfully speaking I like pretty things and my workout wear is no exception. seems like I'm at my best when I have a motivating and inspiring outfit to match.  Guess it's just the fashionista in me!

5. Stop Making Excuses- One of my biggest excuses when it comes to missing days at the gym is my good old PMS excuse. The buck stops here thanks to U by Kotex Fitness. U by Kotex fitness products provide comfortable protection for bodies in motion, are shaped to fit and flex with your body, and are specifically designed for exercising. High Protection with Low Distraction come to Mama Fitness Goals and say Hello to the new Period Boss! Visit the
Walgreens U By Kotex Landing Page landing page to learn more.

Feel free to  visit your local Walgreens to purchase the products from the U by Kotex Fitness collection with this Coupon.  You  can also  receive a $2 Ibotta coupon by simply using the app post purchase.

Thank for allowing me to share with you my current tips and techniques for finally conquering my fitness goals. How are you making sure you're covered when it comes to your fitness goals?

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