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Beach Bodies and The Fabness of the Leaf Print Halter V-Cut Swimsuit!

FABulites, the thoughts never fail me. No matter how many times I visit the beach at some point or another during my visit I always seem to take a look around and time after time there's one thing I notice over and over and over again. Why is it that my fellow African Americans are always or at least nine times out of ten so covered up. What happened to make us more conscious of our bodies than our counterparts? Let's go ahead and discuss it and how I experienced one of my most confident days ever rocking this Ami Clubwear V-Cut Halter One Piece Swimsuit. Ready?

Swimsuit/ One piece/ halter swimsuit/ Ami Clubwear

For the most part I love my body and I'm one of several million women who actually have and show major love for their God Given bodies yet when I visit the beach I too am one of the African American Women getting in the water fully dressed in either shorts or my cover up. This body has birthed 3 children and while I often flaunt it and  remain proud of it I still can't seem to figure out why even I feel the need to keep it under wraps at the beach. The one place where it's fully OK to let it all hang out and have a good time in spite of it!

It wasn't something I was taught from when I was a kid, it's not that I feel my body is less attractive than others on the beach, it has nothing to do with me enjoying my beach day out with my kids and family so exactly what is it that makes me and many other women like me such beach prudes? Could this swimsuit prudeness be the reason why when it comes to swimwear African American Women are less solely marketed to? Could this be the reason why when it comes to Fashion Week Swim there are a lack of both models and designers who look like me? Could there be some underline reason why this is happening? Do we love out bodies differently than our counterparts?

Amiclub Swimsuit

I have no idea why these are the thoughts  I think about whenever I visit the beach but these very thoughts are my truth. The pictures you see above were probably my first time actually wearing nothing but my swimsuit at the beach and feeling confident enough to Rock it since I was probably in my teens. Part of this confidence came from finding a swimsuit such as this Sexy Leaf Print V-Cut Halter Swimsuit that deserved the entire world to take notice of. I felt sexy, and confident, and damn cute might I say. I wish every woman could feel this good in a swimsuit.

When it comes to swimwear and body confidence what are your feelings? What do you think are some of the reasons African American Women tend to more so  Keep it Covered at the Beach?

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