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An Evening with Gentleman Jack- Real to Reel- and Omari Hardwick

Thursday evening I had the opportunity to attend Gentleman Jacks presentation of  Real to Reel with Omari Hardwick honoring  and celebrating new African American voices in film and can I just say it was simply amazing! Follow along as I walk you through my evening.

Omari Hardwik and Host Anthony T Rose

Gentleman Jack did what few brands are doing and decided to celebrate new African American voices in film with a unique  multi-cultural initiative to help bring young and aspiring African American voices into the spotlight, by showcasing bold, new filmmakers in theaters all over the country.
Gentleman Jack

Gentleman Jack in partnership with Codeblack Films hosted “REAL TO REEL” screenings with a seven city tour where local and national film makers have presented short films for viewing in St. Louis, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York Atlanta, Houston and wrapped this week Miami, FL as part of the American Black Film Festival (ABFF).

Elements to Band

The evening started with guests being entertained by  Band to Elements while mingling and experiencing the fabness of Gentleman Jack, and a bite to eat. The live band also included spoken word features from some of the audience members as well. It was intimate, grown, sexy and had my full attention.

Film contest winner Janlatae' Mullins

After the band wrapped it was now time to see the 3 short films that were being displayed for us and meet the National Winner of the Real-To-Real contest Janlatae' Mullins. Amazing work presented by all 3 film writers with one being from the host Anthony T. Rose. Janlatae' Mullins, featured above center, and the cast of her movie, Soul Fire, took the time to speak with the audience on how her film came about and what it  took to make it just the way she wanted.

Omari Hardwick and Host Anthony T Rose

Now it was time to get up close and personal with the handsome and talented Omari
Hardwick. My favorite part of the evening after you got past his amazing looks and chiseled body was learning that Mr. Hardwick was so very much more that what was on the outside!

I would have loved to sit down and hear Omari give us all the secrets of this upcoming season of Power but instead he gave us so much more. Omari talked about his passion which is educating and connecting with others through the arts. His love of music and album he'll be releasing soon. Why he chooses to mentor young kids and how he fights every day not to be typecast.  I loved how he took the time to think about every question presented to him and really wants to educate other African American Actors looking to follow in his footsteps. Omari shared with  us while it appears he's already accomplished so much there's still alot that he wants to achieve.

Special thanks to Gentleman Jack & CodeBlack Films for seeing the necessity in having events such as these celebrating African American voices in film. It was truly an amazing night with a focus put upon the fact that if you work hard and believe, Greatness is Achievable!

Thank you all so much for allowing me to share with you an evening at Real to Reel. Once again because of your support I was placed in the company of amazing people telling their amazing stories and allowing me to share them on this platform with all of you. To all my present and future filmmakers I say, surround yourselves with the right people, take the time to learn the ins and outs of your craft, and never ever ever stop working toward your dreams!

Did you have the opportunity to attend the Gentleman Jack Reel to Reel event with Omari Hardwick in your city? If so what were the most important jewels you were able to take away from the event?

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