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Grey Cincher Fit of the Day

Hey yall hey and Happy Tuesday. I know I'm a day late but I really hope everyone enjoyed a fabulous weekend. This weekend I participated in my very first Panel Discussion for Frugal Flirty N Fab and Fashion Show for Boutique Sales Chic as part of the Style Luxx Expo at Artserve. It was such an amazing experience and all I know is that I Want More! Without a doubt sharing my love for life and Fashion is definitely what I'm meant to be doing and you can expect to see lots more coming your way. Now without further adieu, let's get into my Grey Cincher Fit of the Day!

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Ladies, I promise I just wanna see you smile. I know it kinda sounds like something some creepy dude would say to a person he doesn't know but it's my honest truth. While I by no means place my happiness in the clothes that I wear there is a sense of joy that comes from knowing you look good. That's something I think all women should experience. because looking good=feeling good=being and doing good things to and for others!

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I think that's one of the main reasons I like shopping and helping others find pieces that compliment them and makes others feel great as well. that's also why when shopping for pieces for Boutique sales Chic I make sure the fabric is nice. the look is something that will compliment the woman's body, and the price is something she can afford. It was those very things that led me to the Grey Cincher.

Normally I'm not a grey kinda girl but there was something about this dress that drew my attention in right away. It was all about the details for this dress. I absolutely adore the cinched waist corset detailing in the front of the dress, the material was great, the length was perfection and best of all it was well within the price range of what I wanted to spend. I also immediately recognized that I could wear this dress on many many different occasions and could easily dress it up or down for both day and night. Win Win Right!

Thanks so much for sticking around and allowing me to share with you a little about both my weekend and my Grey Cincher fit of the day. Grey cincher can currently be found on Boutique sales Chic and will run you approximately $39.99 and includes free shipping. Feel free to use code CART for an additional 20% OFF your purchase. Earrings can be found here.  Make sure to also catch bits and pieces from my weekend events on both my Facebook and Instagram pages.

What are you wearing for your Tuesday Fit of the Day?

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