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14 Must Have Summer Sandals!

Hey yall Hey and Happy Monday! How's the month of July treating you so far? Things have been super busy for me but not so busy where I can't take the time to share with you my Top 14 Must Have Summer Sandals! I got the most amazing pedicure this weekend and from that moment on I couldn't seem to get my feet or finding the most perfect pair of sandals off my brain. Let's take a look and after viewing you can let me know how I did with my selection.

I take caring for my feet very seriously and this includes making sure that pedicure stays on point far beyond the summer months as well as making sure they stay dressed to the T if you know what I mean. Sandals are cute, creative, functional, and when done right can be downright adorable. They come in a variety of prints, styles, and colors and can be purchases with even the smallest of budgets. Some of the things I look for when I'm shopping for sandals is great color, embellishments such as stones, fluff, or tassels, and a cute print. Just because sandals are flat by no means says they have to be boring or ugly.

What's your strategy when it comes to selecting the perfect pair of summer sandals? Which of my Top 14 Must Have Summer Sandals are topping your current Must Have List?

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