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Fab's Must Have Summer Essentials!

Summer is definitely one of my most favorite times of the year. The kids are out of school, BBQ season is in full effect, the weather is beautiful, and it's just the most perfect time to sit back and enjoy some good times with your family and friends. Because I make it a point to make my summer months the most enjoyable I can, today I'd like to share with you some of my personal favorite Summer Essential to make sure it's done right, Let's Begin!

SUMMER GLOW-One of the first things you need to get you through the summer months is a great summer glow. This glow can be achieved by simply allowing the sun to naturally Sunkist your skin (safely), or by applying a really good skin bronzer to your face neck and maybe even the shoulders. You'd be surprised at just how far the right summer glow will take you so get up, get out, and get your Glow On!

SUMMER PEDI/SANDALS-Summer just isn't summer without being able to show off that cute new pedicure or fun perfect sandal. Take this time to enjoy something different, something fun. This is the perfect time to try that really bright nail color you were afraid of in the past and I personally think you're in human until you've rocked a pair of sandals to the office just once or twice. The summer months were meant to be enjoyed so show the world just how much you're doing that and have no regrets about it!

SUMMER SWEETSPOTS-I know you knw we all know the summer heat can be a little unbearable but at times but it's during those times that I need you to know that SweetSpot Labs Coconut Lime Gentle Wash and On-The-Go Wipes products have you covered. Coconut Lime Personal Wipes. are great for daily use in freshening up your sweet spot but also great before/during/after your period, wiping down your whole body after a workout (armpits, back of knees, neck etc..) while you’re at the beach, when you’re traveling, or just sitting in the car too long.  The Coconut Lime Gentle Body Wash is the only one product you'll need in the shower that' safe and gentle enough to use all over. Both the wipes and wash are alcohol and sulfate free and can be purchased for a cute $5.98 at your nearest Walmart location. These products are naturals, gentle, and smell amazing!

Summer is whatever you make it and I chose to make mine fantastic. Hopefully by utilizing and taking advantage of some of my Must Have Summer Essentials  from the glowing skin to the SweetSpots yours will be equally as amazing. What's topping your current Summer Essential list?

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