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Hippy Heart Fit of the Day!

Hey yall hey and happy Monday!!! I hope everyone enjoyed a fantastic weekend. Mine was pretty good but as always I look forward to next one being better. Today I want to share with you my Hippy Heart Fit of the Day and I'd also like to have a little conversation with all my Mom followers about how much if any influence your kids have on what you wear. Let's get started!

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So allow me to set the scene. There I was getting ready to go have a drink with the hubby looking and feeling all cute when suddenly these words came from my 14 year old son's mouth, "Ma, that shirt is about 20 years too young for you to be wearing"! I laughed when he first said it and brushed him off but then when he said it again I really had to think about it.

All Black/ Block heels/ Jeans

So here I am, a 40+ Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger, Fashion boutique owning Boss who prides herself on being able to wear what I want when ever the hell I want to wear it listening to my 14 year old son's Mom fashion do's and dont's.  I mean when and how did this happen? Up until this very moment I had actually never considered anything actually off limit but am I finally at that age where I need to be a little more careful when choosing the things I'll wear? Am I?

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Hippy Heart is one of our best selling shirts at Boutique Sales Chic. I fell in love with it the first time I laid eyes on it and immediately knew I wanted it to be for sale at our boutique. I mean in my head this top is uni-age. That may or may not be a word but you know what I mean. I know there are some tops that women over a certain age might not feel comfortable wearing but in my head this one just wasn't one of them. If I'm being truly honest with you, I love this top because it gives the GIRLZ a little extra shine time. Women of all ages want the GIRLZ to shine a little , Right? Don't yall dare judge me!

Choker TShirt/  jeans/ block heels/ Boutique Sales Chic

Is there some truth in what my son was saying? Am I now at that age where I can no longer just wear whatever the hell I want to wear? Is it time to switch from Hippy Heart to Change of Heart? Clearly FABulites, I have questions!

Is my Fit of the Day inappropriate for a Mom or woman of my age? How much of an influence do your kids have over what you wear?

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