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Intimate Conversation with Author Sheri Riley of Exponential Living!

While I can't seem to pinpoint it to one single reason or current event that's happening I can tell you it's an awesome time to be a woman in the United States of America. Being a Black Woman is definitely without a doubt my super power. That's why when I was informed that one of my current favorite authors, Sheri Riley , was going to be at Books $ Books in Coral Gables, FL discussing her best selling book, Exponential Living, Stop Spending 100% of your Time on 10% of Who You Are, being moderated by my good friend in my head Tracy Mourning I knew I had to be in attendance and soak up the gems that would be coming my way!

Sheri Riley is wife, mother, entrepreneur, author, motivational coach, sister, girlfriend, and so much more! In her book, Exponential Living Sheri shares with us the 9 Principles of Exponential Living that changed her life. Sheri shared that earlier own she used these same 9 principles in her everyday life and how they helped her with everyday living. As a result of this she began sharing these same principles with the people she worked with, family, and friends and noticed how those same 9 principles were making a positive impact in the lives of those around her. That's what inspired Sheri to decide she needed to write a book and share these principles worldwide.

One of my favorite things about the book signing is that it was very intimate and moderated by one of Sheri's close personal friends Tracy Mourning. It was beautiful to see how these 2 black women connected on such a spiritual level and shared their sisterhood with all that were in attendance. Sheri shared how the 4th principle, Have a Servants Heart and a Giving Spirit,  was a representation of Tracy Mourning, well the giving spirit part. Tracy as we know is no stranger to giving as she gives her all day in and day out to Honey Shine, her mentoring foundation for Girls and Women.

Throughout the conversation Sheri shared with us the most valuable asset we have is time, how we needed to learn the value of NO, why we shouldn't get upset when someone doesn't live up to our expectations, and how not to waste time trying to fit into someone else's mold of who we should be. It was an amazing, Book Signing, and Conversation and I left feeling beyond inspired. It was the most perfect way to spend a Saturday evening for sure!

Have you had the chance to check out Exponential Living? Which principle do you relate to the best?

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