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Blue Floral Wrap Dress Fit of the Day!

FABulites there's been so much going on with me lately it's no hard to tell if i'm coming or going. With so much happening I've been feeling a little out of my element. Not dressing up as much as I use to, not going out as much, and not really having the urge to look pretty I knew this was a phase I needed to say goodbye to. What does a girl do when she wants to spruce herself up without breaking the bank, She heads to Ross!

Wrap Dress-  Fashion-Style-Ross-Deal

I was in the store all of 10 minutes and out of nowhere this beauty jumped out at me. At first it was the color that drew my attention because I know most blue colors look great on my complexion.

Floral Dress- Maxi-Deal-Ross

It' wasn't until after I tried it on that I realized this dress had tons more to offer besides the obviousness of the amazing color. This beautiful floral wrap is super figure flattering, has a great pattern, shows the perfect amount of skin and just makes you proud to be a woman. When was the last time you bought a dress that made yo feel like that?

Wrap Dress- Summer Style- Fashion Trends

For the first time in weeks all I could think about after purchasing this dress was how I was going to style my dress, what shoes I was going to ear with it, what makeup I'd chose to wear with it, and best of all how I was going to share my Fab Find with all of you!

Natural Hair- Fashion- Style

Can I just say all over again I'm totally in love with this dress. So much so that I actually purchased 2 of them the other one being in my favorite color red. Rest assured that one will also be making it's way to a Frugal Flirty N Fab fit of the day post soon enough!

Floral patterns have always been good to me so when I noticed the dress was covered in pink floral flowers it was a no brainer that I'd rock my Boutique Sales Chic "Chic in Pink" Block Heels with this dress. I love how they add that pop of color to my look without distracting from the beauty of the dress.

Don't mind me just doing my signature pose on the wall because I got this superfab dress at Ross for a Super Cute $11.99! Yep you heard me right FABulites, This gorgeous wrap dress cost me a mere $11.99, Need I say more?

Thank you all for allowing me to share with you my Ross Fab Find of the day  and also for reminding me that looking and feeling good never has to cost you a million bucks! We all  fall off the track ever now and then but its good to know that we can also get right back on track!

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