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The Miramar Patriots Boys Basketball Team Needs Your Help!

I'm a Mom on a Mission  to use her platform for good! That means speaking up on issues that are important to my community, helping to bring recognition to causes that are important to me, and giving a voice to a cause that otherwise might not have had one. Today my platform connects me with the Miramar Patriots Boys Basketball team where my son Khamaury is the only freshman on this years varsity team. Let's listen to what these young men have to say!

FABulites I thank you for giving me this platform that allows me to share with you how you can make a difference I the lives of these young men. Let's show them we support them, we encourage them, and we are here for them today and always. Are you ready to help the Miramar Patriot Boys 2017 Basketball team meet their fundraiser goals? To make a donation please DONATE HERE

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