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New Year- New Me-New You!

Hey yall Hey and Happy 2018! I know it's been awhile but IMMMMMM BBAAAACCCCKKKKK! I missed you guys so much! Even worst was the feeling of not being sure if I wanted to continue blogging or not after 9 long years in the game. 2017 was a tough one for me but after starting my own business, losing my mother,  rejoining corporate America and becoming a Grandma the one thing I knew for sure about 2018 was that I needed an outlet to share those things with all of you!

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For the past 9 years or so when it came to the new year you'd find me front and center in a fresh to death fit with my hair and makeup layed to the Gods. This year thngs are definitely different with the main difference being I'm Fat as Fuck! Excuse my language but there's really no other way to put it! The original plan was to do what I do by finding something super cute to wear and then posing pretty for my pics to follow but that just wasn't gonna fly this year. Don't get me wrong, I searched high and wide for a suitable look but after a 15lb unforeseen weight gain that ended in me downright refusing to purchase clothing 3x's larger than my original size shit just went left real quick! Don't get me wrong, a woman should never be judged by the clothes she wears or her size but we all have the right to be comfortable in our own skin, ya feel me?

Besides tackling my current weight issues and getting on an overall healthier track I have several goals that Id love to see happen in 2018. Allow me to share a couple of them with you.

1. Create more lasting memories with my family

2. Become a Boutique Sales Chic vendor at this years Essence Fest

3. Return to working full time for myself

4. Become more productive and do more within my community

5. Be Happy

There you have it folks and it's as simple as that! Please feel free to share at least one 2018 goal with me and lets support each other along this journey. Thank you all for encouraging me to be a better version of myself, for inspiring me to keep going when I so badly wanted to give up,  for showing me that anything I put my mind to is possible and for making me a believer in my dopeness and your dopeness as well! We are in this together and I can't wait to see what 2018 holds for us all! New Year- New Me- New You!

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