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Sesame Street Live- A Mother's Worst Nightmare Revealed!

Happy Monday FABulites, How was your weekend? I can  honestly tell you that this was one of the best and worst weekends I've ever had all combined into one. You ever find yourself in a place where you think you have your MOM Life all together and then something happens to quickly bring you right back to reality? Today I'm going to share with you what happened on Saturday that could have forever changed my life for good. You ready?

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Saturday morning started off just like any other morning. I was kinda excited because The fam and I had been invited to catch the Sesame Street Pop Up Tour at our local mall and I was looking forward to it. You see I love sharing events and experiences with my four year old. Some he really enjoyed and others he really disliked but they were all experiences none the less and the perfect time for us to spend a little Mommy/Son time together.

We arrived at Pembroke Lakes Mall and everything seemed to be going fine. There were games and activities for the kids and it had just been announced that Elmo and Abby would soon be out to take pictures with the kids. I wasn't so sure how Baby Fab would react once Elmo and Abby  were on the scene but what I did know is that last year it didn't go so well. This is where my story begins to go downhill.

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This picture may look hilarious but approximately 15 minutes after this was taken the nightmare I can't stop reliving in my head took place. We were getting ready to leave and my toddler got mad because the Pop Up Tour was closed as they were waiting to open it up to guests of the mall shortly. Baby fab got mad because it was now closed and decided he was ready to go. All of a sudden he took off running. Normally he would maybe run a little ahead of me and then stop when I told him to. This time that did not happen. He was running full speed and he was heading toward the mall entrance and parking lot. At first I tried to keep my composure but as I noticed he was not stopping I lost it! I threw my coffee down, kicked off my shoes, tossed my phone, and turned into the track star I once was. All this while I was crying and screaming for him to stop before running into the parking lot and possibly getting hit by a car. It was the worst I don't know how many minutes of my life. As I was running behind him his life that had brought me so much joy flashed before my eyes. After chasing him well over 300 feet I finally caught him by my car. As I held him in my arms I didn't know if I was going to faint, kill him, or die right on the spot from what could have been. Yep my toddler not only took off running from inside the mall but also made it through the mall doors and parking lot giving me the fright of my entire life!

I so easily could have been sharing a different story with you all today. My child could have been hit by a car or something worst and there's no way I would have been able to forgive myself. He is four years old and unfortunately that's what four year olds do but I never expected it to happen to me! Never! This was definitely a wake up call for both of us. When I finally caught up to him and he noticed the sheer look of terror on my face he was scared shitless! Other parents ran out behind me to make sure everything was OK. I was so embarrasses yet happier than I have ever been that my situation turned out the way it did. For the rest of the weekend I spoke to him about why he can never do anything like that again and I think he understands. He told me he was sorry as I did my best as a Mom to try and make sure he understood the severity of the incident. Besides a cracked cell phone, burning feet from running on the concrete barefoot, and the nightmare that was constantly replaying in my head of what could have happened I  Thank God all was OK!

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Has your little ever had an incident that scared the life out of you? How did you handle it and what steps have you taken as a parent to make sure things like this never happen? As always Thank you, Enjoy your Monday, and whatever you do, KICKAZZ!

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