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Sip N Shop- The Boutique Sales Chic Experience!

Hey yall Hey and how's everyone doing today? My day is going pretty well, no complaints on this end only Peace and Positivity! Those of you who follow my blog already know that I'm part owner of the online fashion boutique, Boutique Sales Chic ,but what you  may not know is that I co-own this business with my daughter and on a daily basis we are growing and learning ways to make our business a success. Today I'm going to share with you the lessons learned and our experience at our first Sip n Shop so for right now sit back, put your feet up, and get into this vibe!

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FABulites, I absolutely love running an online business but that by no means says I don't want to have a personal experience with  my customers. When someone makes a purchase from us I want to know that even the most simple purchase made a difference in the life of my customer. To me that's what's fashion is all about. It goes way beyond being just a dress or a pair of shoes, How did that item make you feel? How did you use that feeling to change something in your life or the lives of others? I have questions!

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These are the thoughts that led us to our very first Sip N Shop. We always wanted to do one but every time the idea came up there were 10 reasons why we shouldn't or couldn't. Can't find a reasonable location, not enough time to plan it, the timing isn't right and more! This time we set those wait until the time is right to the side and just decided to go for it and boy oh boy am I glad we did!

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Because it was a spur of the moment idea we decided to do the Sip n Shop at home and make it a intimate setting just for family and close friends. The hardest part about all of this was simply not overthinking things and once we had that in check the rest flowed easily. Without a doubt one of the best business decisions we've made in a while!

We wanted our guests to feel welcomed while we introduced them to our fashions so we mad sure the setting was right. We did everything possible to make sure the table, area where the clothing would be, music, and fashionable atmosphere was just right and from that point on it was a GO!

Boutique Sales Chic

For our first Sip n Shop experience we provided out guests with sandwiches pictured above, fruit, meatballs, vegetable tray, and our signature Strawberry CHICster drinks! It just felt right! Seeing everyone mingling, eating, drinking, and shopping our fashions was an amazing experience and one that neither of us will soon forget. As a matter of fact it went so well that we plan on having one at least once a month! Amazing right!

While it was an amazing experience no experience goes without challenges and lessons learned. For our next Sip n Shop I'll make sure to provide guests with a full length mirror for trying on clothes, take more pictures to be able to savor the memories forever, and know without hesitation the prices of everything! And there you have it folks, My very first  Boutique Sales Chic Sip n Shop!

Have you ever had or attended a Sip n Shop? What was the most memorable part of your experience?

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