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Wear the Dress, Don't Let The Dress Wear You!

Hey yall Hey and Happy Thursday! How's everyone feeling today? Normally Thursdays are for some sort of throwback post but in honor of Mother's day I wanted to do things a little different and share the fabness of this beautiful blue Royalty Dress with all of you. Is that alright? I said is that alright?

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So many of us have it wrong! We are stuck on the story where she finds the dress and then all is well with the world. Today I'm here to tell you that finding the dress is just the stepping stone you need to make things right with your life. Simply wearing the dress alone is like put a bandage on a larger issue.


Have you ever seen someone wear the most beautiful dress ever but because they wore the dress with little to no confidence no one was able to see it's true beauty? Again, like I stated earlier it's always more than just about the dress and It always will be. Don't get me wrong, the right dress does come with power but if you are not able to know the strength or positivity of that power then what good is it?

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A couple days ago I heard someone ask  what they should wear to an event that would be full of the people in their element and I was kinda thrown off by it. I mean yes we have all been in situations where we wonder what to wear but this time the question just seemed to be a no brainer to me. We all have that one outfit in our closet that makes us feel confident, determined, sexy, powerful, strong, and like there's nothing we can't do when we are wearing it. That's the one! For those of you who don't have this trust me when I tell you one day you will. Even in fashion you want to surround yourself with the looks and pieces that are best for you. This doesn't mean it has to be expensive, trendy, in season, or even something others find attractive, this just means that when you wear it you feel good and can be the best possible version of you!

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Good, bad, or indifferent, Wear the dress ladies, never let the dress wear you! What are some of the biggest fashion lessons you've learned and which ones have stuck with you?

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