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Take Action Today-Essence Fest 2019 I See You!

FABulites, I hope you had an amazing weekend! Mine was pretty good but seeing all the amazing pictures and post coming out of the New Orleans Essence Festival took my weekend to the next level!  Businesses were thriving, celebrities were in full effect, and the Black Girl Magic was highly visible all around the city as over half a million beautiful patrons gathered for this extraordinary affair. For the second year in a row I was unable to attend Essence Fest but rest assured I was fully there in spirit as I stayed glued to my phone all weekend making sure I didn't miss anything. While of course I did have someone cover the event for me, this was the wakeup call I needed to make sure this never happens again and that I take action today to secure the things I want tomorrow. I know I'm not in this alone, that's why today on the Frugal Flirty N Fab we'll be discussing the actions we need to take today to secure a spot for ourselves, our blogs, our brands, and our magic at  next years festival, let's get into it!

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Can we discuss how and why I seem to be the Queen of trying to get things done at the last possible minute. Sometimes this technique works in my favor but then there are times like the 2018 Essence Festival where this method was a total and utter fail. I failed to plan accordingly, failed to makes sure my t's were crossed and failed terribly at making sure I was a part of the festival scene. Can someone key in Lauryn Hill's Hurt so Bad here!

While the lessons I've learned are tough ones, today I am already making sure this doesn't happen again and that I am beyond prepared foe Essence Fest 2019. Today I reserved my hotel, sent out several emails about both my Blog and Brand being a part of the event as well as researched several flight options. Once I have the actual dates then I can even make my presence more secure. Essence Festival 2019, Im not playing with you! Doing things this way gives me nearly a year to make sure I have the right sponsors in place,  attend those events that align with my brand and  who knows, maybe even find myself hosting an event or being a part of a panel, Yes I'm Claiming It! Essence Festival 2019 I see you!

Did you attend this weekend's Essence Festival? What steps are you taking today to secure your spot at next years festival?

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