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Broward County Launches First Ever Black Chamber of Commerce!

Have you ever stumbled into something and within mere minutes of you being there you realize your purpose for being in the room. That's exactly what happened yesterday as I had the honor and privilege of attending the launch of Broward County Florida's very first Black Chamber of Commerce. Before attending this launch I knew very little about the Black Chamber of Commerce but after soaking up as much information as I possibly could I now know it's main purpose as well as why an organization such as this is so very needed. 

Small Business Owners/ Black Business Owners/ Female Business Owners

As a Black Female Boss and Business Owner things can get real hard real quick! It's a proven fact that black business owner have a harder time getting the capital they need to operate a successful business, harder time obtaining government contracts, and a harder time turning their business into a thriving community based business, that's where the Broward County Black Chamber of Commerce comes in. The goal of the Black Chamber of Commerce is to foster economic success for Black Business Owners and the Black Business Community in Broward County.  Allow me to share with you some of the major disparities that showed the major need for this organization.

1. Minority entrepreneurs are very underrepresented
2. 1.9 million don't have paid staff or are sole proprietorships
3. 58.9% of black own business are in the 20 industries with the lowest sales
4. Only 1% of Black own business are in the 20 industries with the highest sales
5. Black firms average $58,000 in sales, Hispanics 2.5x's more, Asians 6x's more and majority firms       over 9x's more

Now do you get the idea why an organization of this magnitude is so needed? One of the things I learned that stuck with me from yesterday's opening is now knowing that if  Black consumers spent just 10% more with Black Business we could create 1 million more jobs in our communities,  and after the federal government Black Business are the largest employers of African Americans in the United States!

Thanks for allowing me to share something so very much needed in my community with you and I hope to keep you updated on so much more the Broward County Black Chamber of Commerce is doing for both me and you. For additional information on the Broward County Black Chamber of Commerce please visit

Are you a member of the Black Chamber of Commerce in your community? How has it helped your business grow?


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