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It's a Fine Time to be a Woman!

It's a fine time to be a woman FABulites and I for one am truly counting my blessings! Over the past few weeks I have been so inspired by this thing called womanhood that I just had to talk about it! Get ready to discuss current happenings, the women empowerment movement and more but best of all let's talk why simply being a woman rocks!

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Gone are the days when we sat by the curbside wondering what to do with our lives, wondering whether or not to fulfill our dreams, wondering who if anyone is going to take care of us. Today's woman can have the successful marriage or relationship while raising the kids, growing the business, being the boss, educating herself and those around her, fight injustices and is making sure she brings her girlfriends along for the ride. We are women and we are proud!

This past week I got to witness something so very amazing and as you can probably tell I am beyond inspired. Last week I witnessed one of my favorite athletes and women, Serena Williams,  fight like hell when she believed someone had done her wrong and then turn around and show unwavering love and compassion for  another women, her competitor Naomi Osaka! I mean did you all see the strength, dignity, and class this beautiful black woman showed. As women this is a wonderful representation of exactly who we are and I love it!

Earlier this week we sadly said goodbye to a Blogger, Fashion Influencer, and if nothing more friend in our head Kyrzayda Rodriguez. Kyrzada  inspired so many and was the picture of strength and dignity as she fought cancer with everything in her. Although I did not know her personally this amazing woman taught us all why it's important to follow our dreams, why you should do the things you love and the importance of  motivating others. While the fashion blogging world will miss you dearly just know that the impression she left on us all in never ending! 

FABulites, Do you ever just sit around and feel truly blessed by the fact that you're a woman? what is it that makes you  proud to be a woman. Share it with me below in the comments and as always thanks for stopping by!


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