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The Dance Off!

Every relationship goes through things and this one specifically comes to mind. I had just broken up with my high school sweetheart but I knew he'd be at Kory's big party going down tonight, and I planned on making him regret ever breaking up with me. So I hooked up with my best friends the twins, hit Aventura Mall, and set my eyes on the make him eat his heart out dress. It was lime green and white, short but not too short, and would give him a nice glimpse of what for the past two weeks he had been missing. As I entered the party all eyes were on us which was exactly the way I had planned it but I never expected what was about to happen. As I made my way to the dance floor with some guy who had asked if I wanted to dance all I could think about was seeing my ex boyfriend. Just as we were slow dancing to Forever my Lady by Jodeci guess who decides to come right next to me dancing with some random chick that had nothing on me. As we took quick glimpses at each other while we danced the slow song through I knew there was something I needed to do. Just at that point the DJ began playing Trick Daddy Take it to da House. I immediately began busting out my best dance moves, sweating like crazy but feeling like at that moment I was the envy of every girl in the room. To my dismay my ex had also decided he wasn't going out like that and he too hit the dance floor with his best moves. Before I knew it we were in a hard down battle on the middle of the dance floor. We battled for about another two songs when we both realized we were both too tired and way too embarrassed to go any further.

Although we ended up battling each other and pretty much making fools out of ourselves we had both gone to that party with a goal in mind, and neither of us was willing to leave without at least fighting the fight. Ladies if there's something you want just always be ready for the battle of your life cause you never know when its coming.

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