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Fab's Manic Monday Fit of the Day!

Happy Monday FABulites! I don't know about you but in Fab's house Monday's are one of the toughest days of the week. I mean I have to get up early and get my blog post off, prepare breakfast for Jr. Fab, pack baby Fab's diaper bag and get him ready for daycare plus get myself dressed and ready for work! It's a mouthful just writing it so imagine actually having to complete it all before 8:30. Knowing that Mondays are going to be so hectic I prepare myself by making sure my attire for the day is easy and takes as little time as possible for me to get ready. When I saw this jumper in Sears I knew it was perfect for my Monday Madness!
sears jumpsuit
sears floral jumpsuit

Sears Floral Jumpsuit

Sears Jumpsuit
I love that this jumper was a cute $19.99, is all cotton, and took me all of 2 seconds to get into! What do you put on to jumpstart your Manic Mondays? 
Jumpsuit Sears
Sandals 2bebe
necklace Burlington

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