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Tuesdays Top 10 Swimsuits!

Hello FABulites! After having a baby just a short 5 months ago one would think that wearing a swimsuit is the furthest thing from my mind.....I beg to differ! I'm not sure what it is but I'm dying to get into my first swimsuit of the season and Hit the Beach! Last week I actually completed my first full week of working out since BabyFab's arrival and let me be the first to tell you that the body is a amazing thing!  As a matter of fact because of my current obsession with swimsuits I have decided to get myself a swimsuit makeover and strut down the sands of one of our local South Florida beaches possibly wearing one of these top numbers! Stay tuned for that! Without further adieu, I give you Fab's Top 10 Must Have Swimsuits!!!Must have swimsuits

Which swimsuit is your favorite? When was the last time you wore a swimsuit, Will 2014 be your year?

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