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Never Can Say Goodbye

They say all good things come to a end and thats exactly what I thought when I received the email stating 2Bbebe was shutting it down and everything was being sold for 75% off! I couldn't believe it! I was just there over the weekend and we were so happy together! I mean why is it I couldn't get a clue, some type of warning, or atleast a parting gift! I mean I have so many great memories of the items I purchased for 2Bbebe and how each one created a fab fashion memory for me! Take a look at a couple of my favorite 2Bbebe moments!

It was the perfect date night with the Hubby spot and also it knew exactly what I needed when I wanted to bring the sexy to some of my blogging events, What the Hell am I going to do now? Their last day being open is July 5th. That's right only a 5 day notice to losing a piece of my fashion history.Well what's done is done and I'm sure one day I'll get over this but damn, Never Can Say Goodbye! Till we meet again 2Bbebe my friend! Have you ever had to deal with one of your favorite fashion spots going out of business? How did you move forward?

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