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Blacks, Whites, Neutrals and Blues-Fab's Most Wanted!

Happy Hump Day Luvs! Hope your week is going as well as mine! I don't know what it is lately but I am so turned on by a classic looking black and white shoe! Not just any black and white shoe but a classic black n white kick that you fall in luv with and before you know what happened it becomes a closet style staple. Is there a such thing as having to many black n white kicks? Ha who am I kidding! In the world of the Frugal Flirty N Fab you can nevr have too many shoes period and please promise me that you'll never let anyone tell ya different. While scoping out this weeks must have kicks of the week I was instantly drawn to my must have black n whites which we have already discussed, My kick ass blacks which are a definite must have, a neutral which is a mandatory in any closet and then surprisingly my off the wall blues, Take a look!

I think the most amazing thing about this weeks Kick A** Kicks of the week besidesthe insane below $50 pricetag is the ability to pretty much mix and match each or these looks with something near and dear to you outta your closet! Sometimes you gotta just let your shoes Shine! Please excuse all the dramatic references in this post. It's almost midnight, I'm a little tired, and I can't wait to fall asleep and do like I do most nights, Dream about Shoes! So ho'w I do Fabuites? I'd luv for you to share your thought on my Must Have Kicks of the Week! Which ones are your favorite? Thanks again for allowing me to share my fashionable wants and desires with you. Until me meet again my friends! 

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