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Only the Strong Survive!

Happy Tuesday Luvs!Today on the Frugal Flirty N Fab I'd like to share something a little personal with all of you, I mean after all we are family right? Well about 3 weeks ago I went to my local neighborhood park for my evening workout with BabyFab in tow and something really awful happened. Before I say anything else no I wasn't hurt, attacked , robbed or assaulted but my pride and confidence was definitely stolen. I'd been at the park for maybe 20 minutes and was on maybe my second lap when I first head the car alarm going off. My first thought was that someone had accidental hit their panic button on their keychain and for maybe another 5 minutes or so I didn't think twice about hearing the alarms. Then I noticed a majority of the people who were previously walking were now heading over to the parking lot. By this time I'd noticed there were now a couple cop cars in the very same parking lot I'd parked my car earlier so i wheeled BabyFab to the parking lot to see what was going on. As I got closer I could this situation was worst than what I'd imagined!

While BabyFab and I and countless others were trying to get our exercise on at the park a group of men thought it was the perfect time to break into the cars sitting in the parking lot. There was glass everywhere and several car trunks had be broken into as well. I honestly didn't know if I should feel relieved that it was just a car robbery and be thankful that no one got hurt or to be hurt and disappointed by the mere fact that here I am trying to be great and get my exercise on with my 8 month old while someone was probably watching me and deciding to commit such a brazen crime in broad daylight. Imagine my shock when i realized there were only 2 cars that the burglars for some reason did not get into and Yes, one of them were mine! OMG! while I was overjoyed that for some reason my car had been spared I still couldn't help but feel bad for those around me. What I knew instantly at that very moment was that I'd completely lost my faith in exercise. I mean what if i had of been in the car with my baby when the guys jumped out to rob the cars. Who knows what could have happened? 
Its officially been 8 weeks since the whole Robbery in the park ordeal but for some reason every time I thought about wanting to workout my mind drifted back to how in the blink of an eye you realize no one is actually safe and how easily my faith in humanity could be tested.
Today for the first time since the horrid incident I returned to the park. I was tired of not being able to work out plus I  refuse to allow the actions of a idiotic few to determine not only my health but also my happiness. I don't even think I can put into words how good it felt to be back at the park today. It was filled with everyday people and kids walking, running and laughing just the way I remembered it last and immediately reminded me of my favorite saying which is "Only the Strong Survive! Have you ever had to overcome a not so nice situation in order to keep your health and sanity in check? If so tell me a little about it in the comments section. Thanks for listening and visiting the Frugal Flirty n Fab and I can't wait to hear your stories!