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Fab's Must Have Boots!

Happy Hump Day FABulites! Hope everyone is off to a fantastic start to this beautiful day before us. Actually both Baby Fab and I are a little under the weather but who are we to complain. Babyfab reminds me so much of myself cause even when we are not feeling our best we both manage to push thru and put our best foot forward and speaking of moving forward let's jump right into the post of the day! Although we don't get too many opportunities to throw on too many boots in this South Florida climate that doesn't stop me from wanting each and every one of them! This year you can expect to see a variety from over the knee boots to the basic Cowboy boots being worn by me. To see exactly what I have in mind let's take a look at my Must Have Boots of the Day!

 Must Have Boots

Although I Luv a good Hooker Heel I am fully aware that you just can't wear them everywhere! So for the occasions that call for a nice flat boot like when taking BabyFab on a stroll I have given you the finest of flat options! The black with gold zipper Luichiny boots are simply to die for and priced perfectly on top of that! Enough of my rambling cause I'm sure you already know I can go on and on all day! Which of  these beauties are topping your Must Have Lists? Are you planning on shaking up your wardrobe by throwing a new boot into the mix this Fall? Maybe a new color or a style you haven't tried before? I'd luv to hear all about it so make sure to leave a comment below! As always Thanks for stopping by and ttyl!

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