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Working Mama Blues!

Happy Tuesday Luvs! Today I just wanted to take a moment and vent to my Working Mama's in the Struggle! What struggle you ask, The Daycare struggle! I have to admit this last week was one of the roughest I've experienced. Last Tuesday I received a call saying my KingyPoo had a temperature and I needed to come and pick him up. When I arrived at the school it did appear he wasn't quite himself so I gave him some Motrin and did my best to make sure he was comforted. Wednesday I took the day off from work to make sure he was good cause we all know no work gets done if we spend all
day wondering if our kids are alright. Wednesday went rather smoothly. His behavior was pretty normal so I felt completely confident with returning to work and sending him back to daycare the following day. Thursday around 11AM I received a call saying I needed to head to the school and pick him up because he was breaking out in fine bumps all over. For the life of me I couldn't figure out what would be causing him to break out in fine bumps all over but I knew eventually I'd get to the bottom of whatever was going on. I picked him up from school and it was exactly as they'd said. My precious little sweet Kingypoo has a rash of bumps all over and completely freaked me out! I immediately headed to the emergency room!

After waiting in the ER for what seemed to be an eternity, The Dr. finally entered and within moments of taking a look at my KingyPoo diagnosed him with Hand Foot and Mouth Disease! "What The Hell!" was my immediate thought but I knew yelling, crying, dropkicking all the doctors and nurses on staff, and making a scene was definitely not the way to handle this situation! So I listened to the Dr, asked questions, and then took my baby home! For the entire ride home I did nothing but wondered if I was doing my baby a disservice by working a full time job and exposing him to all the colds and viruses he's so far encountered in daycare? Don't get me wrong, I luv the daycare he attends, the staff, and the comfort the daycare provides in making me feel like my son is safe and protected but I gotta tell ya, I just can't take much more of the Daycare illnesses. Although I'm a Mom of 3 this is my first actual time having to deal with the daycare settings but maaan How do you Mom's do it? 

Have you encountered difficulties with you'r childs daycare and if so how do you deal with it? Everyone tells me to hang in there and that once his immune system builds up he'll be fine but let's all pray I haven't lost my fashionable mind by that point!

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