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Monday Kicks of the Day!

Happy Monday FABulites! Hope everyone enjoyed a fabtabulous weekend! I spent a majority of my weekend preparing for Thanksgiving (Food Network) and watching some really great movies. I headed out to the movies and caught both Mockingjay (been there done that) and Beyond the Lights (cute chick flick). And finally caught Neighbors (freaky) and The Fault in our Stars (tearjerker) on DVD! And yes this mix made for a very emotional weekend! And on top of my emotions going crazy BabyFab decided this would be the perfect weekend for him to start walking! Yes ladies and gentlemen my little KingPoo decided to just up and start walking!! This just means that a majority of my weekend was also spent clutching my heart cause I swear I nearly had a heart attack every time he fell, (mommy issues)! Well enough about my weekend let's get into my Monday Kicks of the Day!

I absolutely luv the fit and style of these Twilight Leopard Liliana Pumps! Throw in the unbelievable price of $49.99 and you have the Kick Ass Kicks of the Day! 

What do you say Fabulites? Is it a Luv em or Leave em for the Kick Ass Kicks of the Day? How would you rock em? 

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