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FabJr.'s Quest for the Legend Blue!

Hi FABulites! How's everyone doing today? It's a soggy rainy day in my area but that doesn't keep the sun from shining bright on the inside.... Just wanted to take a moment and tell you all about my first fashion stalking experience. No no it's not what you might be's better!

Jordans-Sneakers-Legend Blue-Retro 4

Before returning to school after the Holiday break completion I had one more thing to do for FabJr , Shoes! Shoes are always last with him because lately it's become so difficult to find the ones he really wants. Either they are sold out, not in his size, available online only, or not available at all. Always something with his shoes! So after a not so successful trip to the mall we hit up our neighborhood Footlocker store. While inside the sales associate took the time to explain to us why it was so difficult finding the pair he wanted and also explained that in exactly 10 days from that date the Michael Jordan retro 4 "Legend Blue" would be released. She went on to explain that either there would be a raffle and if your number was called you'd be called in to get the shoes when they arrived or there would be a first come first serve schedule where who ever arrived at the store first stood the best chance of getting the shoes. To my amazement FabJr. decided that he wanted to hold off on getting shoes that day and come back for the "Legend Blue".

Exactly 5 days from our original store visit we called the Footlocker and was notified the shoes would be distributed on a first come first purchase basis. This is when things got interesting! FabJr. then decided he wanted to arrive at the store at 6AM on Saturday morning and be the first person in line for the shoes. He also requested that I join him. I realize that he's getting older and closer to that age where you don't want to do anything with your mother so I have to admit a piece of me was a little excited about what was coming up. 

Although FabJr. wanted to leave the house at 6AM to wait in the line it was still dark outside so we waited until 7 and headed to the location. I was so surprised when we arrived at Footlockers and there were actually 2 people already in line. We had 2.5 hours to kill but I could easily tell Fab.Jr was super excited knowing pretty much for sure in just a couple hours he's be the owner of a pair of "Legend Blues". While we patiently waited we enjoyed a breakfast of fruit and water from the local Winn Dixie and counted on our phones to keep us entertained while we waited for the store to open.

At around 9:40 the first Footlocker employee arrived. There were approximately 20 people in line at this time ranging in age from the very young to senior citizens. The store employee said give her 10 minutes to get prepared and then she'd take care of us. We were allowed to enter the store one by one, tell them the size we needed, pay, and be on our way!
Not sure if i'll ever stand in line stalking a pair of Jordans again but thanks to FabJr. I'll never forget my very first time!

Have you ever gone to extreme measures for fashion? If so please feel free to share your experience with the Frugal Flirty N Fab!

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