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Happy 2015- The Year of the Challenge!

Happy New Year FABulites!!! I am so excited about what lies ahead in 2015. I decided to title 2015 the year of the challenge because today alone I started the No JunkFood Challenge, 30 Day Squat Challenge, Blog Challenge, and the Money Savings Challenge. Lately I'm the queen of starting things, getting halfway throught them and then quitting. This alone explains why I spent the whole of 2014 trying to lose 15 lbs and it never happened. Because I am the ruler of my domain, I already know that not only will 2015 be the year of the challenge but it will also be the year I conquer said challenges. Below are my Top 5 Challenges I'd like to conquer. Take a Look!

1 Healthy Eating Challenge- In 2015 I challenge myself to not only eat healthy for a month but to make eating healthy a complete lifestyle change.

2. Squat Challenge- I can't even tell you how many times I started the Squat Challenge and never completed it. 2015 will definitely be my year!

3. Money Savings Challenge-My goal is to have 10 Grand saved by the end of the year but this is definitely going to take some discipline. I hope to conquer this challenge by blogging more, participating in more events, and saying No to those unnecessary Sales!

4. Blogging Challenge-This year will make my 6th year of blogging and while I love it beyond belief its time to start seeing some real growth. This year I challenge myself to take my Blog and my Brand to levels beyond belief!

5. Community Challenge-I challenge myself to become more involved in the community that I live. Change starts with you and I plan on being the change I want to see

Again Happy New Year and thanks for allowing me to share my 2015 Challenges with you. What are some Challenges you plan on conquering in 2015?

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