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The Beauty, The Brand, and the Blogger!


Hello FABulites! Hope all is swell in your neck of the woods. I've been thinking lots about building my brand and making the Frugal Flirty N Fab a household name. The entrepreneur in me knows that in order to make this a success I have to branch out and make myself more knowledgeable about different sections of my lifestyle brand. One such area I'd really like to grow in is the beauty department. I've been checking out a variety of makeup artist schools  inquiring if it would be good to take a couple courses on the art of makeup technique. I mean being a blogger on the go not only means having the perfect outfit on but it also means flawless makeup and I want in! 

 The Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry is for students such as myself who wants to be well rounded in every aspect of media. Students learn the overall fundamentals of makeup technique followed by the world of fashion makeup and finally go on to to acquire the knowledge, techniques, and on-set experiences to work in the theater, film and television: industry terminology, script breakdown, continuity, set protocols and the skills to transform an actor into whatever character the script demands. Sounds like the exact type of program i'm looking for! 

Have you ever attended a makeup artists school? Did attending helpyou excel your business or brand? If so  please feel free to share your experience with the Frugal Flirty N Fab! Thanks and TTYL!

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