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Fab's Weekend Getaway Recap!

Happy Monday Fabulites!! Ever feel as though some days you just need to get away from it all and regroup? That's how I was feeling this weekend as the Fab Family and I decided to hit the open roads for a weekend Universal Studios In Orlando  Family Adventure. I know some of you might be wondering why I chose V-Day weekend to do something so family oriented instead of an all out focus on the Boo but to those I say nothing makes my happier than seeing smiles on the faces on the ones I love and I can't think of a better way to see a loving smile than by being entertained at Universal Studios! 

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The weather was absolutely perfect for spending the day at a theme park and from the nearly hour long wait it took just to enter the park many other people felt the same as I did. It was the most people i'd ever seen at an amusement park but i guess i wasn't the only one in need of a little V,alentines Day Family Bonding

Universal Studios, Weekend Getaway

Before having the chance to witness it with my own eyes I'd forgotten just how beautiful Universal Studios could be. I'm always in awe of the gorgeous and clean architecture. Doesn't this shot just make you wanna go for a relaxing swim?

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Theme Parks, Orlando, Florida, Parks, Activities

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One of my favorite as well as FabJr.'s favorite part of the day was viewing the Mardi Gras parade. Universal Studios guests were also treated to a wonderful performance by Pop Icon Jessie J which was also amazing!
Well thanks for allowing me to share a pics of my V-Day weekend with you and you can definitely look forward to me doing more weekend getaway post like this! When was your last getaway and where did you go? We're you better able to focus and regroup after returning?

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