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Pre-Valentines Day Fit of the Day!

TGIF Luvs! Valentines day is one of my most favorite Holidays that's not actually a Holiday but I must admit some pretty strange things are happening to me the day before! I guess many of you would say that's to be expected with it being Friday the 13th and all but man oh man things are crazy today!  I've already lost BabyFab's shoe and took him to Daycare wearing his beloved Spiderman slippers. After dropping him off I managed to somehow hit something on the street causing my tire to go flat leaving  me stranded in the middle of nowhere and as if that wasn't enough while dealing with the flat tire issue I got a call from daycare saying BabyFab's tummy wasn't well and he needed to go home! The Horror! I know it all sounds pretty dramatic but in the midst of it all lies my Pre-Valentines Day! Take a Look!
Valentines day, shirts, Red, White Jeans
 Red is definitely my favorite color and I totally jump at any chance I get to wear it! With Valentine's day being the Day of Luv I get so excited seeing it in everything from the red roses to those really sexy red heels we like to throw on and play around in.
Red Shirts, White Jeans, What to wear
 For today's Fit of the Day I opted for this really cute top from +EXPRESS  paired with these amazing Boyfriend Jeans i picked up from +JCPenney for a Super Cute $14.99 and my always Hot +JustFab Must Haves! To complete my look i threw on my @Burlington earrings and @Mac Ruby Red pout! How Do I Look?
White Pants, Tops, Sleeveless Shirts Tanks
Red Tops, Tanks, Sleeveless shirts,
Boyfriend Jeans, Jeans, White pants,
Although my day didn't start out so well, Thanks to my Fit of the Day it looks like things are going to be just fine after all! Enjoy your Valentine's Day and everyday to the fullest no matter what goes up or comes down! And most importantly of all, Share those Super Fab VDay Looks with the Frugal Flirty N Fab, I'll be waiting!

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