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A Weekend in the Life!

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Happy Monday Luvs! Hope everyone enjoyed a Fabtabulous weekend. This weekend being led by the thoughts,  "Can Women Have it All", and "Is there no task I can't complete", I ended up taking on too much and barely getting anything done. Has this happened to anyone else before? Friday night I simply planned on putting BabyFab down for bed and then taking a moment to enjoy a glass of my favorite Moscato. Instead I became too lazy to hit up the grocery store and headed to my nearest CVS instead where I ended up spending $50 on makeup I knew nothing about and didn't match my complexion, and fell asleep 5 minutes after the movie I was watching started playing, only enjoying maybe 3-5 sips of that wine I was rightly so looking forward to! Clearly that didn't turn out as I'd planned.

Saturday I planned on doing a little Spring Cleaning to my closet and clearing out some of  the clothes and shoes I no longer wear and  dropping them off at my nearest Salvation Army. As soon as I began removing the pieces from my closet I knew I was in over my head!  One of the first thoughts I had was how in the hell did  I ever get all this stuff into my tiny closet!!! It really took my hours just to clear it out alone! Did I mention all of this was going on while BabyFab was in the process of perfecting the Toddler Tantrum, I t was pouring rain outside, and what I really wanted to be doing was hitting up my nearest mall for deals! Mama said they'd be Day's Like This but she said nothing about complete Weekends!

To make an extremely long story short I finally finished my little closet renovation late Sunday night! This was after I took BabyFab to the emergency room for a temperature that turned out to be non existent and after completing a full pot roast dinner complete with baby potatoes, rice n peas, and steamed veggies! Can women have it all, Yes We Can, Just make sure you don't try to get it All in one Weekend! It's ok not to complete 75 daunting task in one day! Life Goes On! Ever plan to many tasks or assignment for the weekend leaving yourself feeling completely overwhelmed once they are done? If so how did you handle it?

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