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Fab's Finest Kicks of the Week!

Hello Fabulites! Im sitting in my den watching TV after putting the kids to bed and man oh man my Tuesday night TV shows are Super Depressing! My night starts off with Keyshia Cole and between what happened to her in her past and her current situation with her husband and family I feel sorry for her. I mean it seems like the people she depends on the most do nothing but hurt her. I know the show is trying to show us progress but couldn't we have began from the middle point instead of rock bottom. My girl Lauryn Hill said it best, "Fantasy is what they want but Reality is what they need", I know I get it but let's just hope and pray happier days are ahead. Just when I was all in my feelings from Keyshia I was later forced to deal with the fact that Being Mary Jane may never be able to have kids!!! Yep, possibly no little Baby MaryJanes!! When it rain it pours but let me show ya something sure to put a smile on your face! Check out my must have Kicks of the Week!

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Alright FABulites, Which one of these beauties is the perfect Pick Me Upper ya need in your life? Please tell me im not the only one obsessed with nightly television shows then find cute shoes to make me feel all better!

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