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How to Rock a Music Festival on a Budget!

FABulites listen closely! Before all else I'm a Mom, a Wife, an Employee and last but not least I'm a Fashionista. I said all that just to say I have no extra funds to spend on clothes! But that by no means says I don't want to look as nice as I can when i'm out and about. That just means that I am conscious of every dollar that I spend and in charge of what I spend it on! Don't get me wrong I love everything there is to love about the art of shopping and buying clothes but at this stage in my life I'd rather go about it purchasing smart and not hard! So when I was assured I'd be attending both days of the 10th Annual Jazz in the Gardens  Music Festival as approved Media I knew I had to jump into action. I gave myself a budget of $75.00 for both days and these are the looks I was able to come up with!
Jumpsuits-Jazz in the Gardens-Music Festivals-Style-Fashion
Not so bad for a $75 budget right? The mass misconception is that if you want to look good you have to spend a large amount of money to do so but clearly the Frugal Flirty N Fab aims to show you otherwise! Without further adieu lets get into how these looks came about!
Fashion-Jumpsuits-Style-Music Festival- Trends
For my Day 1 look I knew I knew it would be in the mid 80's and that I would be on the move taking pictures, dancing, a little, interacting with both the audience and entertainers and taking in the scenery so I knew a jumpsuit would be perfect. In my head I knew kind what I wanted and Marshall's gave me just what I needed! It was cute, fashionable and at a fab $24.99 it was right on budget! I knew I could easily throw on a pair of black wedges, a puff, a cat eye, and a pink pout and be on my way! Don't you love it when a fashion plan comes together?

Trends-Fashion-Music Festivals-Concerts-What to Wear

For day 2 I knew I wanted to wear something that was reflective of Spring, Music, Drinks and just having a good time, so when I spotted this beauty in Forever21 again priced at $24.90  I was immediately sold! This blue floral jumper was sexy, sultry, and downright stunning! Not to mention it required very little accessories which is something else I love. In my head it told everyone I came into contact with that I a Fashion?Lifestyle Blogger and that I'm serious about my ish! Yes? You know you hit it out of the ballpark when both men and women alike are complimenting you but to do it all on an always dwindling Mommy budget is Thee Best!

Three things you need to do to Rock a Music Festival on a Budget!

1. Know What You Want before you start ordering online or get to the stores!
2.Give yourselves a budget and stick to it with no If's, Ands or Butts!
3. Whatever you find commit fully to the look and wear it with confidence!

That's it for my How to Rock a Music Festival on a Budget Rant! I hope you enjoy it and remember each of the above steps next time a Festival rolls into your hood! Are you planning on attending any music festivals this Spring or Summer? If so which ones and what will you wear?

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