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What You Should Know About Cell Towers and Concealment Options!

As an up and coming Fashion/Lifestyle Blogger  and Brand BuilderI know all too well the power of accessorizing, disguising, camouflaging, and concealing. It can be accomplished with what your wear, how you wear your hair, makeup choices, etc, but today we're going to discuss accessorizing of a different kind such as the awareness of cell phone towers and the choice that community members have to conceal them also known as Stealth Concealment.

Have you ever seen a tree standing above all the surrounding ones? What about a super tall flag pole? Did you know those are there to hide cell service towers? We can all agree that we hate the appearance of cell service structures that are not camouflaged but we love having the service. While we do need these towers, we don’t need to know that they are there — Cue, Stealth Concealments. Their name says it all. They are masters of taking a cell phone tower and designing a concealment to disguise it. These concealments can range anywhere from steeples on top of churches, to smoke stacks on buildings. They will even build trees with branches and leaves! That’s dedication to your cell phone service. 

Stealth Concealment Facts

* 7 out of 10 homeowners are concerned with the appearance of the cell towers,
* There are roughly 21 cell sites to every McDonalds in America,
* 91% of people say cell service is as important as deodorant and more important than TV and coffee,
* From 2003 to 2013, cell site locations have nearly increased by 50%,
* If cell towers are in your neighborhood/coming to a neighborhood near you, you have the choice to conceal it. * Community members can go to: to learn more about Stealth Concealments and what they offer the community

Thanks for allowing me to bring a little attention to Stealth Concealment today and the options you have for your family and neighborhoods. Remember, If there are cell phone towers in your neighborhood, you have the choice to have them concealed. The process to cover cell sites varies. Generally, cell service provider’s pay for the concealment, but in some cases private owners will foot the bill. The best news, community members should never have to pay for a concealment! If you are looking at a cell tower out of your window right now, you can ask for it to be concealed by contacting your local community leaders. If you know a cell tower is coming to your community, you can ask for zoning regulations to be added via the city’s zoning laws. There many options, but sharing your opinion is where this all starts! 

I am a member of the Everywhere Society and Everywhere has provided me with compensation for this post. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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