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Fab's Easter Weekend Recap!

Four Score and seven years ago when I was in the 6th grade. I joined the school's track team and from the day I joined my life was forever changed. As a young girl I had the chance to experience what some only dream about. Traveling the states, visiting city to city, meeting different people and having the opportunity to explore places I might not have had the opportunity to do otherwise. That experience help shape me into the person I am today. So when my son FabJr had the opportunity to participate in the AAU Traveling Basketball League I knew it was an opportunity I could not allow him to turn down.

This weekend as part of Team Below the Rim FabJr Had the opportunity to play in the Easter Basketball Championship in Orlando FL  at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and the experience was wonderful. I am so happy that as a Mom I get to tag along to such events with my family and that my family gets to share in this experience.

BabyFab enjoyed the trip so much that he allowed me to braid his hair up a little! Isn't he the cutest ever! He also had the chance to get his very first swimming lesson which was a major success and also catch Furious 7 while we were in Orlando. He sat so nicely for us while we enjoyed the movie! I could be wrong but I think Orlando is BabyFab's new hot spot! Car ride excellent, restaurant excellent, sports complex excellent except for when he he spilled a little water onto the heads of the guest below at the ESPN Center, but that could have happened to anyone. He apologized so I won't hold that minor incident against him....Lol!

We had the pleasure of staying at the very beautiful Lake Buena Vista Palace Hotel and Spa and the Resort was beyond amazing. I know we were there for FabJr's Basketball tournament but when we attend such trips we make it where we can enjoy the amenities when we are away from the courts. The hotel provided a great spa, huge swimming pool, great onsite restaurants and the view from our balcony as you can see was gorgeous!

Team Below the Rim Did excellent and made it all the way to the semi final round before being eliminated. They played a total of 5 games and I couldn't be more proud of their performance. I love the extra skills and traits FabJr. is picking up by being a part of this team. Beside the physical aspect of it he is learning How to work with a team, How to push thru when you might feel like giving up, how to encourage and motivate your teammates, how to follow directions, how to stay focused on his goals,  and last but not least the joys of sportsmanship! It's a beautiful thing I tell you!

It was a superb weekend for the Players, families, coaches, and fans alike! How did you spend your Easter Weekend? Do your children participate in any sports and if so what and what has your experience been like?

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